The world in motion

The world in motion

Special lifting & rigging

One the Key features of SCALES is the special handling.

Whether for components of over 1000 tons or small units under 1000 kgs, our know-how was built on being always able to face difficult challenges in a complex environment.

Large components

Performance and adaptability are always a question of suitable tooling
for specific projectsite needs and to match same, we have integrated
and are operating for decades a large panel of equipment
– 150 axle lines of SPMT
– 60 axle lines of SPT
– 14 hydraulic gantries upto 1100 tons capacity
– 8 units of skidding track system upto 1000 tons
– Over 2000 mtons of steel tooling (beams, elephant feet, stands,…)
– 8 Jack Up towers System (JS250) each with a 250 tons capacity
combinable upto 1000 tons
– 300 units of various hydraulic jacks
– The largest French crawler crane having a capacity of 500 tons @
20m (LR 11000)
– Various mobile / telescopic cranes

Industrial and civil

SCALES is supporting the industry for long and as such has developped an expertise in handling machinery or larger components within production line.

Whether for plants under construction or when maintenance is required, SCALES can intervene with a wide range of equipment from mechanical tools to the most modern hydraulic systems.