The world in motion

The world in motion

Industrial projects

As a logical continuity of our historial core businesses and in order to match customers’ increasing demand, SCALES has strongly developped for long the turnkey project operations. With the recent full integration of OCTRA, a recognized project forwarding and transport engineering company, SCALES is in a stronger position for offering a safe, reliable and professional overall management.

As a specialist in the transport of heavy or super heavy lift components, global turnkey project, as well as in any activity related to multimodal transport, we are acting like an EPC with a sole dedication to the overall transport matters demanding a high technical & QHSE added value.

The daily activity of our specialzed staff, including engineers, covers all marine, river, airfreight and overseas operations. Associated when required to our own assets, we propose a unique monitoring on French or international projects by limitating the subcontracting multiplication or by implementing a better technical control.